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FAQ's All About Attending The Academy.
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 Is this kind of training practical if I don't have professional ambitions? 
 Are there women umpires in professional baseball? 
 What kind of money do professional umpires make? 
 What are the physical requirements for getting into professional umpiring? 
 I'm married. Is this a disadvantage in pursuing a professional career? 
 I wear glasses. Does this disqualify me from professional baseball? 
 If I land a job in pro ball, will I be assigned a Minor League near my hometown? 
 I'm in my 30's. Is my age a problem for pursuing a professional umpiring career? 
 Are politics involved in getting into pro ball? 
 I've been to another umpire school. Will this be held against me? 
 I have never umpired. Do I have a chance to succeed? 
 What distinguishes the Academy from other training programs? 
 Who will be my instructors? 
 What is PBUC? 
 What kind of people attend the Academy? 
 How can I get into professional baseball? 
 Displaying 1 to 16 (of 16 articles)   Result Pages:  1